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The idea for the organization of Τhe WALKshop and the creation of this platform was conceived by me (Maria Papadouli). It is part of my research process for my Master’s Thesis, submitted in February 2022, for the Visual and Media Anthropology program of the HMKW University (Berlin, Germany). The project is a tool to assist me in the exploration of the impact of walking on one’s identity and psyche with a focus on migrant individuals, taking into consideration the circumstance of the global pandemic that we are all experiencing at the moment.

My dream is to enrich this platform with contributions of people who share the same passion and curiosity about what walking does to the soul and mind, how it establishes and/or breaks bonds with the places we move in and the people we meet. If you would like to contribute in any way to the next WALKshop or have ideas/material to share with me related to walking, please send me an email at

Let’s connect and walk together :)

If you want to read more about my research process, see and listen to material that has been produced during and have a look at the resources I used for my thesis, click on this link.

In the gallery that follows, we have included images from our activities indoors and some of the pictures taken during our walk in the neighborhood for some of the exercises. 

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